What is Jazz Improvisation Library?

It's an avant-garde platform for establishing, collecting, safeguarding, and diffusing jazz improvisations from past to present. We consider your authentic improvisations and arrangements  to be your intellectual property, protected by law. You are now, finally able to collect royalties on live performances, using our system. You can also contribute to the archive by filing one of your transcriptions or simply consult the library for reference purposes.

Improvisations, both past and present, are visible and/or audible in this public database (the Library). They can be the object of global study and comparison as well as a source of inspiration They can also be appreciated with numerous “likes”, encouraging  creativity, originality, and productivity.

Choose how you'd like to participate or contribute:

Partecipation is possible through the following 3 methods:

  1. Uploading your transcriptions of a solo in a past work (NOT original work), citing the artist and the record source. It's Free!   Enter
  2. Uploading your original work, giving it a new title, letting us file it with the SIAE, and giving us publishing rights. It's Free!    Enter
  3. Uploading your original work, giving it a title, and you maintain ALL rights. This requires a small annual payment.  Enter

If you're an author that's already registered with the SIAE (Italian author's and editor's society) or another international collecting agency which is recognized by the SIAE, you can participate using your own original works, giving us the publishing rights. 

You can also participate, all the same, using your own originals and maintaining all your rights - even instances where you've already signed on with a publisher. If you're registered with Soundreef for live music, you can, currently, contribute with original improvisations maintaining all rights. In any case, you can contribute to the Library by uploading your transcriptions of solos and making jazz history.

For copyright purposes, we prefer that original artists of the transcribed solos, are not Italian. It's prohibited to upload audio excerpts from non-original improvisations. Even in this instance, we can assure you to receive equal visibility through credit publication and contact link.

Play and Record your “SOLO”

Original improvisation and arrangements can be uploaded to the library both in written form (computerized and intelligible) as well as audio mp3 (taking care to cut out each musical part which is not your original, such as, the main music theme)

We are, aware, of course,  the (video) audio recording will reflect the unique style, pronunciation, and  micro-rhythmic inflection of that musician (“neoauratic encoding”). Thus, the improvised work actually becomes a “fixed” or unalterable as an entire unit including its components. The audio recording is therefore the “Text” or main body of the improvised piece.

Once a file is uploaded and all requested information is provided, the request will await approval. It may take from 24 to 48 hours before the record will appear in the library. reserves the right to refuse approval of a file or to remove a file which was previously approved in error or in violation of terms.

Optional Transcription Service

If you don't know how to use a computerized notation program, or if you don't have time to do it, you can request our paid transcription service by sending us the audio file, and a request via email. We will contact you with an estimate.